Frequently asked questions:

  • Do you have a bar? 
    • Yes.  We have a small bar featuring beer, wine, champagne, great margaritas, and easy mixed drinks.
  • Do you have restrooms on board?
    • Yes.  We have 2 restrooms on board.
  • Do you have wheel chair access?
    • We have had many customers board our vessel lin a wheel chair (normal size).  Please call to ask to about our boarding locations.  Some would be difficult due to the slope of the gangway.
  • Do you offer catering?
    • Yes.  We have catering with a good variety of food offerings.
  • Do you have life jackets and is your vessel safe?
    • Yes.  We have life jackets for everyone and our vessel is USCG Certified, having gone through rigorous scheduled inspections.


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